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Tyler Mane

X-Men, Halloween
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Tyler Mane starred in Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween 2 for Dimension, playing the infamous villain Michael Myers. This demanding role took Tyler deep into the psyche of a murderer, with Rob Zombie allowing him to bring layers and complexity to the genre.

In addition, Tyler is also well-known for his appearance as the character Sabretooth in the blockbuster X-Men and his supporting roles in Scorpion King and Troy.

His other credits include such blockbuster feature films as Devil's Rejects, Joe Dirt, and Black Mask II.

He has also co-starred in the the epic 2005 mini-series Hercules for HBO/Hallmark and the Creature Feature; How to Make a Monster, produced by Lou Arkoff and Stan Winston for Cinemax; Gunless, a western set in the Canadian west; and The Devil May Call. He also appeared on such television shows as V.I.P., Monk, Son of the Beach, Party of Five, and My Boys.

Most recently, Tyler completed filming his first production, Compound Fracture, which he wrote, produced and starred in. That film has currently received distribution with Level 33

Tyler Mane grew up in Saskatoon, Canada. “As an 8 year-old tall, skinny kid who was always picked on, I enrolled in martial arts to defend himself,” says Tyler now.  For the next 10 years, he immersed himself in karate, kung fu, tae kwan do and judo. At 18, he briefly played semi-pro football, but his childhood dream of becoming a professional wrestler called to him. From 1986- 1999, Tyler wrestled professionally throughout the world— including South Africa, Germany, Austria, England, Japan, Mexico and Yugoslavia to name a few. He wrestled for the WCW and the UWF as “Big Sky” with tag team partner Kevin Nash, and as the evil “Nitron.”

At the same time, Tyler Mane began working to fulfill his other dream— acting. He studied with acting coaches and attended acting workshops whenever possible, and he continues to study and hone his craft to this day.