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Rj Haddy is a multi-disciplinary, award winning creative who has worked as an Actor, Director, Producer, Writer, FX Makeup artist, Costume Designer and fabricator, Puppeteer, and Production Designer. Definitely a Jack of all artistic trades, but Rj’s career as a creative started well before any professional credits were added to his resume. Making puppets from tennis balls in kindergarten, then moving to costumes and make up by the time he was 12 , to racking up trophies for theater conferences during high school (in an era when none of that was cool) does offer some legitimacy to his claim of “being cosplay before it had a name”. One thing is for certain though, Rj has been quite active in his pursuit of artistic and creative challenges throughout his entire life. After High school Rj moved to LA, and studied at the Joe Blasco Makeup Artist training center in Hollywood. He worked on such films as Batman and Robin, There’s Something About Mary, The Hulk, with Tony Gardner at Alterian Studios Inc., and then briefly at Amalgamated Dynamic Inc. for the films the 6th Day and Bedazzled . Rj as an actor appeared in many TV shows of the time such as Power Rangers, Beverly Hills 90210, Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer among many others before returning back to WV. Once back in WV he attended WVU masters program in Costume Design, but quickly realized that WVU was not the right fit for his multi-discipliary approach to artistic creation (he found them to be quite lacking in the interdepartmental handling of grievances as well). He then parlayed his experience working in the film industry into a job he relished. RJ assumed a teaching position at his alma mater of Capital High School, and turned the rag tag audio/visual department into the newly christened, Capital High School Department for Film, Television, and Multimedia Arts and Sciences by writing a brand new course list and curriculum throughout the 8 years he taught there. It was during this time that a show flying under the radar caught the attention of one of Rj’s students. Face Off was a reality competition show on the SYFY channel for FX Makeup artists. At the intense pressure of his students he relented and auditioned. Little did he know he would soon become one of the shows most recognizable stars and come very close to winning the grand prize himself, as the season two “Fan Favorite” and one of three finalists on Season 2. Since ALMOST winning the show, Rj traveled and worked freelance doing classes and workshops at conventions around the world, you may even find his “Penguin” cosplay in many top cosplay lists around the internet for his almost dead on representation of Danny DeVito. He also served as make up department head on the film “The Nightwatchmen” which won him an award for best make up, and he has been working on an original film project to direct and star in, “The Family Business”. Between all this and his commission work he somehow found the time to open an escape room gaming center he hopes to franchise and sell his unique and different line of escape room games and props through, Outta Time eXcape rooms. www.outtatimeexcaperooms.com No matter what the artistic endeavor or challenge Rj just likes to create and do things that please his aesthetic and he's always ecstatic (not to mention shocked) that someone else thinks so too.