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Conan the Destroyer, The Wonder Years, Justice League: Doom, Generator Rex
Actor, Voice Actor
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Olivia d’Abo is a triple threat. In a field where career longevity is rare and versatility even rarer, she seamlessly moved through theater, film, television, and music accomplishing success in all. Further, the British born actress continues to gain recognition with her ability to shift from comedy to drama with intelligence and grace.

Other recent work includes the European TV series Jo playing Madeleine Haynes opposite French star Jean Reno. On the film side she played Primrose Blackstone, a feminist in the industrial revolution, in The Devil’s Violinist with Joely Richardson and Jared Harris, directed by Bernard Rose. She also appeared as Luccia Rosso, a luxury obsessed social climber who married the heir of a fashion empire, in Imperioso. Other works include Sleeping Beauty, in which she played the evil Queen Tambria, and the Lifetime movie Presumed Dead in Paradise in which she played Patricia Ashland, a scheming step mother. She has just finished shooting cute family film Robo Dog and the comedy Unbelievable!!!

Recent TV appearances include showy guest starring roles on Psych and Elementary.

Olivia is also in demand as a top voice over artist. Recent work includes Justice League: Doom, an animated superhero film for Warner Brothers directed by Andrea Romano, where she plays both a good girl and a bad girl in her portrayals of Carol Ferris and Star Sapphire. She also voiced the lead in the recently released interactive book Anomaly. In the animation world, she has been heard in the role of Five on Nickelodeon’s animated show Generator Rex and as Jedi Luminara Unduli in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, created by George Lucas.

Other voice-over credits include the animated film Green Lantern: First Flight opposite Christopher Meloni and Victor Garber. Her voice can also be heard as Black Widow/Natalia Romanoff in the animation films The Ultimate Avengers and The Ultimate Avengers II; as Jane in Disney’s animated series Tarzan; Marvel comics movies The Avengers #1 and The Avengers #2; and as Tak in Nickelodeon’s Invader ZIM.

Olivia is probably most widely known for her role as the “favorite older sister” Karen Arnold in the Emmy Award winning TV show The Wonder Years.

Other notable recurring TV credits include Law and Order: Criminal Intent as the infamous and villainous Nicole Wallace, who returns in flash backs to torture Goren in his therapy sessions. In this critically acclaimed, yet controversial role, d’Abo demonstrated the true breadth of her acting ability in a character she describes as "wonderfully written with some pretty dark twists.”

On NBC’s Sci-Fi show Eureka, she played Jack Carter’s ex-wife Abby Carter.  She was also in The Single Guy with Jonathan Silverman, Fox’s Party of Five in a role of a college student who has a lesbian affair with Neve Campbell’s character, and Spin City, as the fiancée to Michael J. Fox’s character. D’Abo also guest starred on a famous episode of ABC’s Alias with Ethan Hawke and an episode of 3rd Rock From The Sun. Olivia will soon be seen on USA’s popular show Psych, pairing up with Vinnie Jones, as Dierdre, a street-wise criminal entrepreneur who pulls off heists.

D’Abo is well known for her works in studio and independent films. The films Live Nude Girls and Kicking And Screaming are only two of her favorites. Other terrific films she appeared in include Wayne’s World 2 with Dana Carvey and Mike Meyers, Greedy with Michael J. Fox, The Last Good Time, Conan The Destroyer, The Velocity of Gary, The Big Green, A Texas Funeral, Live Nude Girls, It Had To Be You, Seven Girlfriends, Point of No Return, Spirit of ’76, Beyond The Stars, The Mission To Kill, Dream To Believe, and Bullies.

Olivia is based in LA and also has a place in London. Her hobbies include yoga, hiking, art and rollerblading.

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