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The NeverEnding Story, Battlestar Galactica, Troll
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On November 13, 1971, Noah Leslie Hathaway was born in Los Angeles, USA, son of Robert and Judy, and brother of Aubri. His father Robert was an actor and a music editor, so it was no surprise that Noah’s life in front of the camera started when he was only 3 years old, playing in some commercials. He attended school at Lycee Francais de Los Angeles and was a Junior Lifeguard.

Noah Hathaway’s acting breakthrough came in 1978, in the cult sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica, where he played the role of Boxey; stepson of leading man Apollo (Richard Hatch) after the death of his mother Serina (Jane Seymour). He shared screen time with legends like grand old Lorne Greene (who had played the leading part of Ben Cartwright in Bonanza for over a decade) and Dirk Benedict (who later became well known as Face in The A-Team). The series, created by Glen Larson, was groundbreaking at the time; the largest budget ever for a TV-series and had some of ILM’s best special effects people onboard, like John Dykstra. Noah was nominated for the 1st Young Artists Awards for his role in the series. Although the series was cancelled after only one season, it even now still has a large fanbase.

Noah Hathaway further played some parts in sitcoms and small productions like Eight Is Enough (1977), CHiPs (1977), America 2-Night (1978), Mork & Mindy (two episodes, in 1978 and 1980),Simon & Simon (1981) and Family Ties (1982). Big names Noah Hathaway worked with during this stage of his career include Bruce Boxleitner (The Last Convertible; 1979) and Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas (It’s My Turn; 1980).

Unfortunately, both movies weren’t big successes. When he was ten years old he was cast in the movie Separate Ways (1981) and two years later came another space movie The Quest.

Noah Hathaway’s career got a new impulse with the 1984 movie The NeverEnding Story, directed by Hollywood-director Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot, Air Force One, Troy). Based on the much heralded book by German writer Michael Ende, Noah was cast to play the leading role of young hero Atreju, who is given the task to save the world of Fantasia. The movie never lost its appeal to both young and old viewers and remains a cult-favorite. It was at that time a big-budget production, yet it was filmed at the Bavaria Studios in Munich, Germany. For this movie, Noah Hathaway did many of the stunts himself, one of them accidentally almost cost him his life! He was nominated for the 6th Young Artists Awards for his role in this movie and won the award for Best Younger Actor in the 12th Annual Saturn Awards in 1984.

Next up was Troll (1986), in which he played the role…Harry Potter, Jr. He wasn’t the well known wizard, only a namesake who had to stop a...Troll. This movie also starred Anne Lockhart, who was his co-star in Battlestar Galactica, as she played the role of Lt. Sheba.

Noah Hathaway taught advanced jazz and street dance in his late teens until an injury forced him to quit at 18. He then studied Muay Thai Kickboxing and fought as an amateur. It became quiet around Noah as an actor after his injury, although he starred in the movie To Die, To Sleep (1994) which was filmed in 1992. He did work as a Production Coordinator on several movies during this period in his life.

Prior to moving back to LA in 1998, Noah Hathaway lived in New York for two and a half years. In his spare time, he tried to get out to the track at Willow Springs, California, to race in Super Sport motorcycle racing. He has tended bar at several LA clubs and sometimes worked in real estate, which he studied in college, as a mortgage loan officer. He holds black belts in Tang Su Do and Shotokan, and has learned American Kempo from Dr. Jerry Erickson, and he also helps him teach a close-quarter combat-training course for flight attendants and pilots for the airlines. Nowadays, Noah Hathaway mainly keeps himself busy with designing (and riding) customized motorcycles (aka choppers), something that has been a passion ever since his childhood. He’s still learning and taking courses (in for example welding) to perfect his skills. His dream is setting up a shop one day in which he can sell and work on his self built choppers.

Noah Hathaway is married to Sameerah and a father to two boys, named Trey and Jared.