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Don Fargo is one of the overlooked stars of the classic era of pro wrestling.  He was a headliner in almost every territory in which he appeared — New York, Amarillo, Dallas, Tennessee, Buffalo, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Louisiana, just to name a few.

As famous as he was for his ability to draw crowds to the arenas, he probably was more famous for his hijinks behind the scenes.  Stories about the wild lifestyle of professional wrestlers abound.  The stories about his pranks and wild lifestyle are talked about to this day by those who were witness to the events.

Don Fargo, along with wrestling "brother" Jackie Fargo, headlined Madison Square Garden on March 30, 1957.  Their match against Argentina Rocca and Miguel Perez drew 20,125 people and over $60,000, the biggest attendance and gate in the Garden up to that time.

Besides teaming with Jackie, Don formed several tag teams during his career with wrestling's finest talents, including Greg Valentine, Ray Stevens, Rene Goulet, Jim Dillon, Ron Garfield, Eric Pederson, Chris Colt, and several others.

Don's auto-biography, The Hard Way, was recently released and included are more than 300 photos taken during Don’s career, many of which have never been published. It is the most detailed book ever written that ties together important events in wrestling history with the hilarious shenanigans that went on behind the scenes.

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