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MoodHairCosplays featuring Cami Roebuck, has been active in the cosplay word for well over 10 years. Around the age of 7 was her first foray into cosplay as Rogue from X-Men at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA. Since then cosplay has become one of Cami’s biggest passions. Her costumes, props, and weapons are hand made by Cami, her mother and her father. All together they make up MoodHairCosplays.

Along with the costumes, MoodHairCosplays also dabble in various craft items which Cami makes and sells at conventions and events! MoodHairCosplays has also received many awards over the years, in various costume contests. From Dragon*Con to Wizard Worlds to first place in the Pensacon’s Facebook Video Cosplay Contest as Hit-Girl and Big Daddy (with her dad as Big Daddy!)

She also took second place in Pensacon’s very first costume contest with her Effie Trinket monarch dress from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Cami has also had the opportunity to sponsor and be a judge in several costume contests around the South East. On of her favorite being her annual appearance at Free Comic Book Day at her favorite comic book store, 3 Alarm Comics in Biloxi, MS.

She has also made many charitable appearances at schools and events in her home state of Mississippi, and was happy to be involved in a fundraiser for Manna’s Heroes for Hunger event in Pensacola. She has also been featured in many publications from news papers to magazines to countless online outlets. 

Check her out on Facebook at MoodHairCosplays.

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