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My earliest memory of science fiction is my mom trying to get me to dismount from my spring horse to watch an episode of "Star Trek." It was around 1973. I watched for a few minutes and decided I'd rather ride Sylvia. (The episode, by the way, was "That Which Survives.")

I really started getting into SF a few years later, with shows like "Logan's Run" and "Space: 1999." Of course by that time, "Star Trek" wasn't playing anywhere, so I ended up reading books about the series until finally one of the local stations started running it in syndication.

I read the novelization of "Star Wars" a full year before I had a chance to see it in the theatre (August 1978.) I think I've made up for the wait by obsessing over collecting. Then came "Battlestar Galactica" -- I watched faithfully week after week and cried bitter tears when it was cancelled. I waited eagerly for "The Star Wars Holiday Special" and then tried to convince my mom that really, the movie was so much better.

My first convention was the World Science Fiction Convention aka ConFederation in Atlanta, 1986. I've attended several WorldCons, the official Star Wars 10th Anniversary Convention in L.A. in 1987, and a number of smaller conventions. I even met my husband at a WorldCon (ChiCon, 1991).

I enjoy reading - primarily science fiction, historical romance, and some non-fiction. I am a member of First City Shakespeare, a board member of the Southeastern Teen Shakespeare Company, and frequent contributor to Pensacola Little Theatre's "24 Hour Theatre." I pay for all this by working as a local TV news producer. The greatest TV show ever made is "Gilligan's Island."