avatar for Neal Adams

Neal Adams

Batman, X-Men
Comic Book Writer and Artist
avatar for Quincy J. Allen

Quincy J. Allen

Chemical Burn
avatar for Kevin J. Anderson

Kevin J. Anderson

Star Wars: Jedi Academy, Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights, Frankenstein: Prodigal Son, The Saga of Seven Sons
avatar for Gethin Anthony

Gethin Anthony

Game of Thrones, Copenhagen
avatar for Karan Ashley

Karan Ashley

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
avatar for Colin Baker

Colin Baker

Doctor Who
avatar for Trace Beaulieu

Trace Beaulieu

Mystery Science Theater 3000, Freaks and Geeks
Actor, Writer, Comedian
avatar for Michael Biehn

Michael Biehn

The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, Navy Seals, The Rock
avatar for David Boop

David Boop

She Murdered Me with Science
avatar for Lisa Bowerman

Lisa Bowerman

Doctor Who
avatar for Doug Bradley

Doug Bradley

Hellraiser, Pumpkinhead, Nightbreed, Star Wars: The Old Republic
Actor, Voice-over Actor
avatar for Jen Broomall

Jen Broomall

Lady Death
Comic Book Artist
avatar for Jeremy Bulloch

Jeremy Bulloch

Star Wars
avatar for Steven Butler

Steven Butler

Web of Spider-man, Sonic the Hedgehog
Comic Book Artist
avatar for Mitch Byrd

Mitch Byrd

Green Lantern, Lady Death, Generation X
Comic Book Artist
avatar for Rae Dawn Chong

Rae Dawn Chong

Quest for Fire, The Color Purple, Commando, Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
avatar for Noise Complaint

Noise Complaint

Tap Dancers
avatar for Frank Conniff

Frank Conniff

Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Drew Carey Show, Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Actor, Writer, Comedian
avatar for Jason Craig

Jason Craig

Comic Book Artist
avatar for C. Martin Croker

C. Martin Croker

Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Space Ghost Coast to Coast
Animator, Voice Actor
avatar for Olivia d'Abo

Olivia d'Abo

Conan the Destroyer, The Wonder Years, Justice League: Doom, Generator Rex
Actor, Voice Actor
avatar for Staremaster Dave

Staremaster Dave

StareMaster Champion
avatar for John Dell

John Dell

Guardians of the Galaxy, Ultimate Spider-man, The Avengers
Comic Book Artist
avatar for Derec Donovan

Derec Donovan

Batman, Venom, Green Lantern, Avengers, X-Men, JLA, JSA, Superman
Comic Book Writer and Artist
avatar for Dave Dorman

Dave Dorman

Batman, Captain America, Indiana Jones, Spider-man, Wasted Lands, Star Wars: The Art of Dave Dorman
Comic Book Writer and Artist
avatar for Don Fargo

Don Fargo

avatar for David Fielding

David Fielding

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
avatar for Thomas Florimonte

Thomas Florimonte

Ka-Blam Digital Printing
Comic Book Creator, Publisher & Printer
avatar for Crystal

Crystal "Bamboota" Fontan

Graphic Designer/Illustrator
avatar for Lita Ford

Lita Ford

The Runaways
avatar for Mira Furlan

Mira Furlan

Lost, Babylon 5
avatar for Katie George

Katie George

Heroes of Cosplay, Cosplay: Crafting a Secret Identity
avatar for Victor Gischler

Victor Gischler

Gun Monkey, Shotgun Opera, Buffy Season 10
Author, Comic Book Writer
avatar for Julian Glover

Julian Glover

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Empire Strikes Back
avatar for Barbara Goodson

Barbara Goodson

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Fraggle Rock, Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Actor, Voice-over Actor
avatar for Barry Gregory

Barry Gregory

Ka-Blam Digital Printing
Comic Book Writer and Artist, Publisher
avatar for Naomi Grossman

Naomi Grossman

American Horror Story
avatar for Sean Gunn

Sean Gunn

Guardians of the Galaxy, Super, Gilmore Girls
avatar for Rj Haddy

Rj Haddy

Robert Haddy's Rad FX Co
avatar for Larry Hama

Larry Hama

GI Joe, The Death of Captain America, Avengers
Comic Book Writer and Artist, Cartoonist, Author
avatar for Noah Hathaway

Noah Hathaway

The NeverEnding Story, Battlestar Galactica, Troll
avatar for Haiden Hazard

Haiden Hazard

avatar for William Vernon Lemon III

William Vernon Lemon III

StareMaster Champion
avatar for Alice Infinity

Alice Infinity

Alice Infinity
Cosplay Model
avatar for Herbert Jefferson, Jr.

Herbert Jefferson, Jr.

Battlestar Galactica
avatar for Finn Jones

Finn Jones

Game of Thrones
avatar for Walter Jones

Walter Jones

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
avatar for Phil Thomas Katt

Phil Thomas Katt

The Uncharted Zone
Host, Music Video Producer

LaLa Lauren

avatar for Katrina Law

Katrina Law

Spartacus, Arrow
avatar for Monika Lee

Monika Lee

Heroes of Cosplay
avatar for Georgina Leonidas

Georgina Leonidas

Harry Potter
avatar for Miss Linda

Miss Linda

Wrestler Manager/Valet
avatar for Tiny Lister

Tiny Lister

The Fifth Element, The Dark Knight, Star Trek: Enterprise, Terra Nova
avatar for Jeremy London

Jeremy London

Mallrats, Party of Five, 7th Heaven
Actor, Filmmaker
avatar for Juliet London

Juliet London

Dallas Buyers Club, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
avatar for Lisa Loring

Lisa Loring

The Addams Family
avatar for Kerrigan Mahan

Kerrigan Mahan

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Vampire Hunter D, Lensman
Voice-over Actor
avatar for Tyler Mane

Tyler Mane

X-Men, Halloween
avatar for Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols

Star Trek
avatar for Trina Nishimura

Trina Nishimura

Attack on Titan
Voice-over Actor
avatar for Jody Lynn Nye

Jody Lynn Nye

Waking In Dreamland, Mythology 101, The Dragonlover’s Guide to Pern, The Death of Sleep
avatar for Tara Ochs

Tara Ochs

Too Many Cooks, Selma
avatar for Alan Oppenheimer

Alan Oppenheimer

The Six Million Dollar Man, St. Elsewhere, Masters of the Universe, The NeverEnding Story, Transformers
Actor, Voice-over Actor
avatar for Roland Paris

Roland Paris

Amazing Spider-Man,Dark X-Men: The Confession, Uncanny X-Force
Comic Book Artist
avatar for Daniel Portman

Daniel Portman

Game of Thrones
avatar for Hangar 18 Props

Hangar 18 Props

Hangar 18 Props
Prop Builder
avatar for Kristen Renton

Kristen Renton

Sons of Anarchy
avatar for Cami Roebuck

Cami Roebuck

avatar for Chad Rook

Chad Rook

Supernatural, Bates Motel, The Flash
avatar for K. Michael Russell

K. Michael Russell

Judge Dredd
Comic Book Artist
avatar for Alex Saviuk

Alex Saviuk

Web of Spider-man, Green Lantern, X-Files, The Flash, Superman
Comic Book Artist
avatar for Steve Scott

Steve Scott

Comic Book Artist
avatar for Scott Shaw!

Scott Shaw!

Captain Carrot, The Flintstones
Comic Book Writer and Artist
avatar for Felix Silla

Felix Silla

The Addams Family, Buck Rogers, Batman Returns, Planet of the Apes, Return of the Jedi
Actor, Stuntman
avatar for Rikki Simons

Rikki Simons

Invader Zim, Hitherto a Lion, Ranklechick and His Three Legged Cat
Voice-over Actor, Author
avatar for Marina Sirtis

Marina Sirtis

Star Trek
avatar for Sgt. Slaughter

Sgt. Slaughter

Wrestler, Voice-over Actor
avatar for Dana Snyder

Dana Snyder

Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Squidbillies, The Venture Bros.
Voice-over Actor, Comedian, Actor
avatar for Austin St.John

Austin St.John

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
avatar for Erik Stolhanske

Erik Stolhanske

Super Troopers, The Onion Movie, Club Dread, Beerfest
Actor, Writer, Producer
avatar for The Exotic Adrian Street

The Exotic Adrian Street

IWA Heavyweight Championship, Quest for Fire
Wrestler, Actor
avatar for Carel Struycken

Carel Struycken

The Addams Family, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Twin Peaks
avatar for Nick Tarabay

Nick Tarabay

Arrow, Spartacus, The Flash
avatar for Tony Todd

Tony Todd

Candyman, Final Destination, Night of the Living Dead, Star Trek, 24
avatar for Josh Vogt

Josh Vogt

The Cleaners
avatar for Count Gore de Vol

Count Gore de Vol

Creature Feature the Weekly Web Program
Horror Host
avatar for Jerrad Vunovich

Jerrad Vunovich

American Horror Story: Freak Show, The Fantastic Four, The Walking Dead
avatar for Peter J. Wacks

Peter J. Wacks

Wordfire Press
Author, Managing Editor
avatar for Garrett Wang

Garrett Wang

Star Trek: Voyager
avatar for David Warner

David Warner

Star Trek, Tron, Time Bandits, Titanic, The Omen
avatar for Dan Wells

Dan Wells

I Am Not a Serial Killer
avatar for Roy Wooley

Roy Wooley

Roy Wooley FX
Special Effects Makeup Artist
avatar for David Yost

David Yost

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, NTSF:SD:SUV::
avatar for Robert Z'Dar

Robert Z'Dar

Maniac Cop