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L. .A. Kelley

Fantasy/Syfy Writer
I'm a fantasy/syfy author from Pensacola, Florida where the heat and humidity have driven us all slightly mad. I avoid the sun and love air conditioned comfort, but on the plus side, my skin will never look like badly laid roofing shingles. In my spare time I enjoy phoning in Bigfoot sightings to the Florida Department of Fish and Wildlife. They are heartily sick of hearing from me.

Discussion topics:
1. Screaming goats are always funny. Explain.
2. Raisins are gross. Not as gross as lima beans, but gross.
2. Why don't superheroes ever have hobbies?
3. How come in past life regression people are always royalty, but never janitors?
4. Do Klingons wear underpants? Debate.
5. If cats suddenly acquired opposable thumbs, who would survive the night? Us or them?

Stupid writing prompts:
1. I am a windmill.
2. While walking down the street, my dog exploded.
3. Write an article about an article.
4. Invent a game from your favorite movie of your favorite game of your favorite movie.
5. Support the argument that number 4 is more interesting than number 3.