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Alex Saviuk

Web of Spider-man, Green Lantern, X-Files, The Flash, Superman
Comic Book Artist
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Alex Saviuk is a veteran comic book artist best known for his work on Web of Spider-Man, Action Comics, Green Lantern, X-Files, The Flash, Superman, Worlds Finest Comics, Defenders of the Earth, The Phantom, Spider-Man Adventures, and the Spider-Man newspaper comic strip.

Alex Saviuk started his professional career at DC Comics in 1977 after studying sequential art with Will Eisner at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. Within a few short months, he became the regular artist on Green Lantern and The Flash. He also drew Superman, Hawkman, Aquaman, The Atom, and Air Wave, among others.

In 1986, Saviuk moved to Marvel Comics, where he eventually established himself as a key Spider-Man artist with a seven-year run on Web of Spider-Man (issues #35-116). From 1994–1996, Saviuk worked on the series Spider-Man Adventures (later retitled The Adventures of Spider-Man). He had a strong run on Defenders of the Earth, worked on The Amazing Spider-Man and did covers for several Marvel titles.

In 1997-98 Alex penciled the last 12 issues of The X-FIles for Topps Comics (#30-41) and began his current penciling run on the Spider-Man Sunday newspaper strip. In 2003, he also began inking the Spider-Man newspaper Dailies as well as joining the ranks of a Swedish publisher chronicling the adventures of The Phantom. In 2004, he assisted his mentor Will Eisner on The Spirit Meets the Escapist, which unfortunately was Will Eisner’s last completed work.

In 2004, Alex also worked on the graphic novel Feast of the Seven Fishes, nominated for an Eisner Award in 2006, and that same year the Spider-Man newspaper strip also received a Harvey nomination. Besides comics, he also does storyboards and conceptual art for advertising agencies and the occasional feature film (Never Back Down, The Reaping, Hoot, and Lonely Hearts).

Some of the characters Saviuk has co-created include Nightwatch (with Terry Kavanaugh), Sunburst (with Paul Kupperberg), Tombstone (with Gerry Conway), Arkiss Chummuck and Malet Dasim (with Bob Toomey).